76th Cannes Film Festival

May 21, 2023

Selection results

At the occasion of the Cannes International Film Festival, the results of the first selection round of the European Solidarity Fund for Ukrainian Films were announced by the Jury President, Marianne Slot.

A total of 11 projects for a global amount of 523 000 € will receive support to development and finalization.

6 projects in development

A development support will be allocated to:


    Ukrainian production company: 2Brave Production
    Production company established in France: Cinephage Production
    Amount of the support: €25,000
  • IT’S NOT A FULL PICTURE by Maryna Stepanska
    Ukrainian production company: JS Films
    Production company based in Portugal: Bando a parte
    Amount of the support: €25,000
  • SPECIAL TREAT by Antonio Lukich
    Ukrainian production company: Fore Films
    Production company based in Ireland: Feline Films
    Amount of the support: €50,000
  • THE SHADOWS by Polina Kelm
    Ukrainian production company: Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema LLC
    Production company based in Lithuania: Anaben Films
    Amount of the support: €25,000
  • TO THE VICTORY! by Valentyn Vasyanovych
    Ukrainian production company: Arsenal Films LLC
    Production company based in Lithuania: M-Films
    Amount of the support: €49,950
  • UNHOLY POWER by Roman Liubyi
    Ukrainian production company: Babylon 13 Production LLC
    Production company established in Germany: Benedetta Films
    Amount of the support: €42,200

5 projects in finalisation

A finalisation support will be allocated to:


  • A PICTURE TO REMEMBER by Olga Chernykh
    Ukrainian production company: Real Pictures
    Production company based in France: LuFilms
    Amount of the support: €58,500
  • A POEM FOR LITTLE PEOPLE by Ivan Sautkin
    Ukrainian production company: Babylon 13 Production LLC
    Production company based in Lithuania: Nuline Kopija
    Amount of the support: €66,040
  • GLYADYELOV by Oksana Kravtsova
    Production companies based in Ukraine: Real Stories Production & DIM Filmhouse
    Production company based in Lithuania: Broom Films
    Amount of the support: €40,000
  • NICE LADIES by Mariia Ponomarova
    Ukrainian production company: Tabor Production
    Production company based in the Netherlands: Labyrint Film
    Amount of the support: €66,310
  • THE EDITORIAL OFFICE by Roman Bondarchuk
    Ukrainian production company: Moon Man
    Production company based in Germany: Elemag Pictures
    Amount of the support: €75,000

New partners

ESFUF will be reinforced by the contributions of two new EFAD members, the Norwegian Film Institute and the British Film Institute’s UK Global Screen Fund bringing the number of contributing countries to 15.


The Norwegian Film Institute has, with additional funding suggested by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Equality to be formally adopted in Parliament in June, extended support for Ukranian filmmakers through the ESFUF

Kjersti Mo, CEO, NFI said: “Telling stories through film is one of the most powerful ways there are to convey a nation`s culture and to keep the country together through common experiences. This is especially important for a country in crisis, both for the country and its inhabitants but also for the outside world to learn what is happening and inspire action. We stand with our European partners in supporting Ukranian filmmakers and are proud to support this endevour.”

The United Kingdom

The UK Global Screen Fund (UKGSF), financed by the UK Government’s Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) and administered by the BFI, has extended support to Ukrainian Filmmakers through the ESFUF.

Ben Roberts, CEO, BFI said: “The role of filmmakers in telling stories and bringing perspectives that inspire people the world over has never been more important or urgent than it is today. We stand with our partners in Europe in supporting Ukrainian filmmakers through the UK Global Screen Fund that we manage on behalf of the UK Government.”

Their precious contributions will allow more projects to be supported in the second round of selection, which will be launched this summer.


ESFUF, launched in Berlin 2023, is an initiative proposed by the CNC to the other EFAD members during the Cannes General Assembly in May 2022. After having supported various other actions for Ukraine at national and European level, EFAD and its members wanted to unite forces to launch a dedicated support for Ukrainian filmmakers, to help them completing their films or developing new projects, while fostering co-productions. With an initial budget of one million euros, it aims at financing Ukrainian cinematographic works at development and finalization stages, supporting projects selected by a jury of five independent experts, through two calls for projects launched in 2023.