Other support schemes



(Dutch speaking)

Flanders Audiovisual Fund – Screen Flanders Economic Fund

Selection criteria : Fiction features, documentaries, and animated features (min. 60 min.) at the development stage. At least 50% of the financing of the overall production budget must be secured at the time of application and a minimum of 250,000 EUROS (VAT excluded) on eligible costs in the Flanders Region must be incurred in its production.


(Dutch speaking)

Nederlands Filmfonds & Flanders Audiovisual Fund – Minority co-productions scheme

Selection criteria : The film production must have received realisation support from the VAF and the total contribution of Dutch funds and market participants in the realisation of the film production must come to at least 10% of total production costs. The national cinema release must be guaranteed in the country of the majority co-producer by a film distributor or market participants in the local exploitation chain, and film production must have a cinema release in the Netherlands.


(Dutch speaking)

Cinema and Audiovisual Centre of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation – Coproducing with Wallonia-Brussels Federation

Selection criteria : Script needs to be submitted in French even if the film is shot in another language; 40% of the financing has to be confirmed (producer’s contribution excluded) in the case of a feature film (fiction, animation or documentary); Need to pass cultural test including cultural value for the Wallonie-Brussels region; 100% of the grant needs to be spent in the region. This can be changed by mutual agreement with the Fund if justified. However, the expenditure may never be less than 60% of the amount granted by the Fund.


Croatian Audiovisual Centre – International Co-Production Scheme

Selection criteria : 50% of the financing of the project must already be in place (confirmed financing in the country of the majority/delegate producer), and at least 60% of the approved funding must be spent in Croatia, on Croatian services, cast and crew. Croatian share of financing must be at least 10% of the production’s overall budget. Participation of Croatian artistic and technical staff is depending on the co-production financing share. The project must be an official co-production under either a bilateral treaty, or the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production.


Filming in Cyprus – Minor Co-Productions Scheme

Selection criteria : The project must meet at least two out of five cultural criteria relating to Cypriot, European or international civilisation.
The amount needs to be spent in Cyprus: 100% for provision services and 140% for shootings which will be carried out in Cyprus; At least 50% of the film finance needs to be secured.


Danish Film Institute – Minor Co-Production Feature Films

Selection criteria : The project must include a Danish creative and technical participation. There must be a distribution deal for broadcast on national Danish television and/or theatrical distribution in Denmark. The financing of the majority co-production must be in place; the Fund allocate no more than 60% of Danish share.


Estonian Film Institute – Minority co-production support

Selection criteria : 100% of the EFI support to be spent on Estonian territory. The project needs to meet specific ‘grades’ according to the ‘minority co-production grading table’ including the creative and technical crew of the film, of which at least
two points should come from the creative team; Needs to be in Estonian language or subtitles and be screened in Estonian cinema within one year of its international premiere; A film that is produced in international minority co-production shall be in the Estonian language or shall have Estonian subtitles and it shall be screened in Estonian cinemas within 1 (one) year after its international premiere.


Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée – Aide aux cinémas du monde

Selection criteria : Needs to be a co-production with a company outside France and a French based production company; The publicly financed portion (including ACM) may not exceed 50% of the French financing part; however, this is increased to 80% for a producer’s first and second feature-length films, films with a budget lower than €1,250,000, and films co-produced with some countries; At least 50% of the subsidy must be spent on French soil and no less than 24% must occur in ‘low-resources’ countries if the film is shot in those lands; The director of the project must be a foreign citizen or, where the director holds French nationality, the language of the film must not be French.


German Federal Cultural Foundation & Berlin International Film Festival – World Cinema Fund

Selection criteria : The support is focused on the following regions and countries: Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Caucasus as well as Bangladesh, Nepal, Mongolia and Sri Lanka; Funding must be spent in the eligible regions; Where can the money be spent?: In the WCF regions and countries (German partner can deduct a maximum of 7,5 % of the funding amount for handling fees); The director must be from the WCF regions and countries.


Greek Film Centre – Minority Program

Selection criteria : Eligible projects are those of foreign initiative with a minority Greece-based co-producer. Projects should also involve the participation of Greek artistic and technical contributors, and/or make use of film labs based in Greece, and/or having part of the filming taking place in Greece. Prior to the project’s submission, a minimum of 50% of financing for the total budget of the film must be secured. In addition, the project must have secured funding by a state funding body and/or by a TV broadcaster in at least one of the co-producing countries. Submissions for projects that are in-production stage, are not accepted. Support will be awarded only after the statement of expenses in Greece.


Screen Ireland – Creative co-production

Selection criteria : The project must be structured as a co-production; Third party funding from lead territory must be in place; Must employ Irish talent ; Priority is given to projects that shoot in Ireland and depict Ireland for Ireland, and where a number of key Irish HOD’s and/or Irish cast are employed.


Italian Ministry of culture – Cinema and audiovisual – Selective contributions for film with a minority co-production

Selection criteria : Italian nationality must be requested ; Minimum spend in the territory: 80% of the contribution granted; 50% minimum of the financing required to cover the majority co-producer’s quota of production cost needs to be secured.


National Film Centre of Latvia – Call for co-production applications

Selection criteria : Co-financing may be granted if the total costs of a foreign film project for feature films and animated films reach at least 711 436€, and at least 142 287€ for documentary films. The finances available to the producer on the day of submitting the project, according to the financing plan, must be at least 50% of the total costs of filming a film. No specific spending requirements. Full or partial shooting in Latvia is a mandatory requirement for the receipt of public funds ( with no specification of what the share of “partial” shooting must be).


Lithuanian Film Centre – Support for minority co-productions

Selection criteria : The minority co-production project shall include documents proving that the project funding plan includes funding for the production of the film, which is at least 50% of the overall film budget. The beneficiary of the minority co-production project must spend all funding allocated by the LFC in the Republic of Lithuania. 100% of the awarded amount must be spent in the country.


Film Fund Luxembourg

Selection criteria : The work must be designed to be carried out mainly in one or more member states of the European Union, the countries of the European Economic Area or Switzerland and in particular in the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg; The applicant is required to contribute at least 10% of the total production cost of the work concerned.


Nederlands Filmfonds – Minority coproduction feature film and documentary

Selection criteria : At least 50% of finance of the country of origin in place including a grant from the national or regional fund; The contribution of the fund needs to be spent in the Netherlands; Theatrical release in the country of the main producer is required; Netherlands (non) theatrical release is required; The total Dutch share needs to be at least 10%; Must have exclusive filming and exploitation rights for Benelux/ If not at least for the Dutch territory; The applicant shares pro rata in proportion to the foreign majority co-producer in the world revenues from the film production.


Nederlands Filmfonds – Minority co-productions NFF + Hubert Bals Fund

Selection criteria : Maximum 10% overhead and producers fee; At least 50% of the committed amount must be spent on Dutch services, cast and crew; The project must have had script development support from the HBF; The total production budget cannot be more than 1M€; The Dutch producer must have produced at least one theatrically released majority Dutch feature.


Nederlands Filmfonds – Support Fund for Ukrainian Makers

Selection criteria : The Support Fund for Ukrainian Makers 2024 is intended for cultural and creative makers with a Ukrainian passport who were living in Ukraine on February 24, 2022 and who now live in the Netherlands as refugees or who come to the Netherlands for the project for which the application is being made. A total of 465,000 euros is available for Ukrainian makers. A maximum of 9,000 euros is available per maker. This will enable at least 46 refugee artists to continue their work practice this year.


Norwegian Film Institute – Co-producing with Norway

Selection criteria : The project must be acknowledged as a cultural product in the country of the main producer. Norwegian spending must include use of Norwegian talents on both sides of the camera; For feature films, a deal memo from a Norwegian confirming the intention of a release in Norway is required and there is a point system to qualify. Priority in all formats will be given to productions with national public support, strong artistic potential, development potential for the Norwegian producers and/or recognized potential in the Norwegian market.


Norwegian Film Institute – Norwegian South Film Fund

Selection criteria : 50% of the total financing must be confirmed when applying. The main producer must be from a country on the DAC list and at least 70% of the grant must be spent in a DAC-list country. There are no spend requirements in Norway.


Institute for cinema and audiovisual – Co-production support

Selection criteria : ICA support to be spent in Portugal unless the screenplay or the co-production structure requires an exception; needs to be an officially recognised co-production according to the applicable bilateral or multilateral coproduction treaties; applications must include provisional financing and strategic distribution plan.


Institute of cinematography and audiovosual arts – Co-produce with Spain

Selection criteria : Minority co-pros need to involve at least the participation of a Spanish author (such as the director, screenwriter, director of photography and music composer), two actors and one technical creative. The effective participation of staff will be proportion to the Spanish participation percentage in the co-production. There are no shooting requirements, however the amount awarded may be reduced if he film is not shot mostly in Spain. All post-production tasks will be preferably completed in the majority country or, if this country is a EU member, in any EU Member state. Participation of the co-producing countries should range between 20% and 80% of the film’s budget or, for multi-party co-productions, the smallest participation must be at least 10% and the greatest 70% of the budget. The support also entails several gender equality criteria.


Catalan Institute for Cultural Industries Minority Coproductions Fund

Selection criteria : The spanish share for bipartite international productions must be minimum 20% and maximum 49%, and for multipartite international productions, neither majority nor less than 10%. Coproducer participation must be creative, technical and artistic, effectively proportionate to their percentage share in the project. Financing must be guaranteed for 40% of the project’s total budget. The feature film must be released in commercial cinemas in Catalonia; The international coproduction must have the official approval of the majority country at the time of the application.


British Film Institute – UK Global Screen Fund

Selection criteria : 60% of finance needs to be in place, excluding the UK tax relief. The UK producer needs to have at least one lead producer credit that has had UK or international distribution. The project has secured or will secure at least one other source of UK funding. Post-production should commence within 6 months of closing of the applications, documentaries should have a completion date within 18 months of closing of applications. The co-production should be a minority for feature films and documentaries (10% or 20% minimum participation) and can be minority and majority for animation projects. Not more than 25% of the UK company’s shares can be owned by a non-uk corporate entity a television broadcaster or SVOD platform or operator, or a company defined as large. The project should be British qualifying under the treaties, the EU convention or the Cultural test (open to official and ‘unofficial’)


EFAD support to the Ukrainian film community

Selection criteria : The EFAD association, as well as its members, have taken concrete steps to provide support to Ukrainian film professionals either in Ukraine or in the countries where they found refuge.