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May 15, 2023

  • Director: Antonio Lukich
  • Scriptwriter: Antonio Lukich
  • Countries: Ukraine / Ireland
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Country of shooting: Ireland
  • Language: English / Ukrainian
  • Duration: 106 min


War can cancel a lot. It cancels the hopes, plans, and lives of people. But according to Sasha, a teenager from Kharkiv, there is only one thing that war cannot cancel – her dream to become an actress. Following the invasion, Sasha is evacuated from her home to live and study in the city of Dublin. Fleeing from rockets, bombed-out homes and leaving her own school behind she goes to the land where the sound of air sirens can transform into the songs of Enya. Sasha meets new challenges, Colin Farrell, and even God… But during this journey she is pierced by a spear. This spear is stuck in her, it’s uncomfortable and everyone stares at her. Sasha, like many Ukrainian people right now, must achieve inner liberation to remove this spear.


Ukrainian producer
Fore Films

Volodymyr Yatsenko

Producer from a contributing country
Feline Films (Ireland)

Jessie Fisk


European Solidarity Fund for Ukrainian Films – Date of the decision : May 15th 2023


    Valentyn Vasyanovych

    Antonio Lukich is a Ukrainian director, born in 1992 in Uzhhorod (Ukraine). In 2015, he graduated from the Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University with a Bachelor’s degree in film direction. He is an award recipient of the Ukrainian Film Academy. Among other honors, he received the Merited Artist of Ukraine Award in March 2021. With his first feature film My Thoughts Are Silent (2019) he participated in and received multiple awards at international film festivals such as Karlovy Vary IFF, Raindance IFF, Santa Monica IFF, Odesa IFF. His second feature film Luxembourg, Luxembourg was premiered in Venice IFF, Orizzonti section, in September 2022, and after in Toronto IFF in Contemporary World Cinema. It was also presented at several more festivals like Tallinn, Les Arcs, Goteborg, Chicago, Santa Barbara, Thessaloniki, Arras...

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